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Hydrobiologia 235/236:731�C743. doi:10.?1007/?BF00026261 CrossRef Kamphake LJ, Hannah SA, Cohen JM (1967) Computerized evaluation pertaining to nitrate by simply hydrazine decline. Normal water Ers A single:205�C206. doi:Ten.?1016/?0043-1354(Sixty seven)90011-5 CrossRef Kundzewicz ZW (2005) Intensive rain and also pond passes inside Europe��observations and predictions. Acta Geophysica Pol 53(4):385�C400 Kundzewicz ZW, Ulbrich Oughout, Br��cher Big t, Graczyk D, Kr��ger A new, Leckebusch GC, Menzel T, Pi��skwar I, Radziejewski M, Szwed Mirielle (June 2006) Summer season Stattic in vitro surges throughout Main Europe��climate modify keep track of? Nat Dangers Thirty five:165�C189. doi:12.?1007/?s11069-004-4547-6 CrossRef Ku?niar R, Popek Z, ?elazo M (2004) Research possibilities and needs from the pond legislation routines in the centre Vistula Lake part of substantial ideals from the surrounding. Cardstock introduced in the 6th intercontinental meeting about Hydro-Science & -Engineering, Warsaw, 18�C21 June Two thousand and two Laanbroek HJ (2001) Bacterial cycling of minerals which affect seed increase in water logged soil: an overview. Aquat Bot 38:109�C125. doi:10.?1016/?0304-3770(90)90101-P CrossRef Lamers LPM, Tomassen HBM, Roelofs JGM (Before 2000) Sulphate-induced eutrophication along with phytotoxicity inside fresh water wetlands. Environ Sci Technol 32:199�C2005. doi:Ten.?1021/?es970362f CrossRef Lamers LPM, Dolle GET, van living room Berg STG, vehicle Crenolanib Delft SPJ, Roelofs JGM (Beginning of 2001) Differential responses involving water wetland soils to be able to sulphate polluting of the environment. Biogeochemistry 55:87�C102. doi:15.?1023/?A:?1010629319168 CrossRef Lamers LPM, Falla SJ, Samborska EM, lorrie Dulken IAR, lorrie Hengstum Grams, Roelofs JGM (2004) Factors controlling the degree associated with eutrophication along with toxicity inside sulphate-polluted water esturine habitat. Limnol Oceanogr 48:585�C593 Lamers LPM, Loeb R, Antheunisse 'm, Miletto Meters, Lucassen ECHET, Boxman AW, Smolders AJP, Roelofs JGM ('06) Biogeochemical limitations on the ecological rehab regarding wetland plant life inside lake floodplains. Hydrobiologia 565:165�C186. doi:15.?1007/?s10750-005-1912-8 CrossRef Linnerooth-Bayer L, Amendola The (The year 2003) Summary of unique concern in flood dangers throughout Europe. Risk Rectal Twenty three(Several):537�C543. doi:Ten.?1111/?1539-6924.?00334 CrossRef Loeb 3rd r, van Daalen Electronic, Lamers LPM, Roelofs JGM ('07) Exactly how dirt traits as well as drinking water top quality affect the actual biogeochemical reply to flooding in riverine esturine habitat. Biogeochemistry Eighty-five:289�C302. doi:15.?1007/?s10533-007-9135-x CrossRef Loeb Third, Lamers LPM, Roelofs ISRIB ic50 JGM (2008a) Connection between winter season compared to summer time inundating as well as up coming desiccation upon earth biochemistry within a riverine crecen field. Geoderma One hundred twenty five:84�C90. doi:15.?1016/?j.?geoderma.?2008.?02.?009 CrossRef Loeb R, Lamers LPM, Roelofs JGM (2008b) Conjecture regarding phosphate mobilisation throughout overloaded floodplain soil. Environ Pollut 156:325�C331. doi:Ten.?1016/?j.?envpol.?2008.?02.?006 CrossRef Lucassen ECHET, Smolders AJP, Roelofs JGM (Two thousand) Greater groundwater quantities result in straightener toxicity in Glyceria fluitans (L.). Aquat Leveling bot Sixty six:321�C327.