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Supported VR Controllers

HTC Vive Wand

Oculus Touch Controller

Oculus Touch BAM.png

Button / Action Mapping

Trigger Button

Empty Hand

This button is used for triggering many actions.

  • Grabbing Weapons

You grab weapons out of your inventory or to trigger grabbing with the grab beam with the trigger button.

  • Grabbing an attachment

You can grab an attachment for removal with the Trigger button. While you have grabbed the attachment there is a white line where it will snap back to its original position to prevent accidental removal. To complete removal of the attachment from the weapon you need to hit the Grip button.

  • Pull grenade pin

With a grenade in one hand, use the Trigger button on your other hand to pull the pin to arm the grenade. Note you need to press in on your Trackpad/Joystick if you want to cook the grenade before throwing it.

  • Climb with ladder

To climb a ladder you use the Trigger Button to pull yourself up. Note that you can kind of "throw" yourself up the ladder with one hand, which can be helpful to get yourself over the ledge at the top of a ladder.

  • Swipe turning

Kind of like snap turning, you can alter your in-game characters rotation with a swipe turn. To do so hold down the Trigger button, move your controller to where you want to rotate to, and release the Trigger button.

Gun in Hand

Press Trigger button to fire your weapon.

Off-Hand 2H Gun Interaction
  • Weapon Stabilization

Press the Trigger button to grab the fore of your rifle/shotgun, or near your pistol to reduce recoil.

Grip button

Empty Hand

Press the Grip Button to activate the Grab Beam.

Item in Hand

If you are holding a weapon, press the Grip button to either drop the weapon or place it in an inventory bubble. If you are holding the Grip Button to hold an item, release it to drop the item or release the grip button.

Weapon Attachment Removal

When you grab a weapon attachment that is currently attached to a weapon with the Trigger button you can remove it from the gun if you press the Grip button. Not pressing the Grip button will cause the attachment to snap back to the gun in its original position. There is a white line that indicates the attachment will still snap back in place that disappears when you press the Grip button.



This button is for interacting with your weapons magazines, the syringe and snap-turning if Snap Turning is enabled in the settings.


This button is for walking forwards/backwards or strafing left/right.

Vive Menu Button / Rift B/Y Button

On the HTC Vive Wand this is your menu button (above the trackpad).

Empty Hand

This button is for accessing the system menu.

Weapon in Hand

This button is for toggling locomotion. See control options page for how to change controls.

Rift A/X Button

Weapon in Hand

This button is for performing a mag eject.