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Positive: Surrendering to Divine will is an 7 Day Prayer Miracle essential step in spiritual development. Oftentimes, when someone steps into what they consider to be a do-gooder profession, they feel it is ordained by God. All of the sudden, they are a servant of Spirit, a servant of the people, with no will of their own. This leads them into situations where they are over their heads and cannot behave ethically, or where they are taken advantage of.

One time, I got an email from someone asking that I heal their whole village, but they couldn't offer me anything. They described a curse with many entities. Now, for me, as a healer, this is a potentially dangerous situation, and one I was really not qualified for. If I were "going with the flow" or "obeying in Spirit's call," or acting from ego I would have gone with it. It would have been a disaster. In the business world, you wouldn't commit career suicide by taking on a job you couldn't handle. In the healing world you must be extra careful because a village full of dark magic could really kill you.

I have heard people tell me that if God gave me a gift I am obligated to use it. I wonder where they get these ideas. I prefer to think I am working with the Love of God when I can. But I have seen healers in great distress because they did not honor their own needs and abilities, taking on too much for a good cause and ending up broke and sick. This can also happen while charging tons of money! Of course, as a human being we all can make a decision to offer healings or services for free when it truly feels right. Sometimes knowing when that is can take time to discern.