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The second kind of fatigue is physical. After 7 Day Prayer Miracle a daylong hard work, body craves for rest. After reaching home, you try to take rest after having dinner. In this kind of circumstances, an individual cannot discharge his duties as family man and social personality, and takes rest also very mechanically. Third kind of fatigue is related to behavior. People in leadership positions develop their skills and abilities to deal with different levels of people in the organization. After behaving like dictator in the office, it is difficult for them to behave differently at home. Their different behaviors intrude into home and spoil the domestic atmosphere.

The fourth kind of fatigue is mental. Workplace atmosphere impacts life style of individual and behavior. If he is optimistic, he expects positive domestic atmosphere. If negative, he thinks always negatively and spoils the atmosphere at home as well as in the workplace. To conclude, control your emotions and enhance emotional intelligence to maintain work life balance in your life for domestic peace as well as to achieve excellence in workplace performance.

As Michael Altshuler rightly said "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." God has no bias to divide time among the humanity. It is the same for rich, poor, employees, employers, adults and kids. There is no gender bias for time division. Everybody will have the same twenty four hours to fulfill their dreams and scale the heights of success. Many people excuse themselves that they do not have time to do anything and waste time without fail. These people belongs to the creed of 'simply sitting - monthly getting' type of employees. Time is neither favorable nor against anybody, it is like a mediator. You can use it to the full and utilize it wastefully.