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Sure I was terrified at first and yes 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review the first words I said was, I can't do this. I am a newbie, no computer skills and so on. My attitude has changed, but remember it takes time and will power. This does not happen over night. You must believe in yourself. Maybe other people do not believe in you, so be it. Let them voice their opinion. You must realize the only one you need to deal with is you, no one else. If you listen to everyone with their negative attitude this could damage your success.

You may quit and say yes they were correct, I can't do this. How crazy I was to think I could do this. This is a waste of time and you just stick to your job and say you are secure there. No you are not. You could loose your job any time. There are no guarantees. Success, in this society, is measured with money and possessions, objects and things. The more financial success a person achieves, the more powerful they appear; we have been taught to look up to them, to aspire to be like them; and therefore they have the power to influence our behavior, our lifestyle.

Although money is a good thing in many ways, although we cannot possibly exist as we currently do without money; this is not what we should focus on in life; money is a distraction, it is a necessity that does not always breed comfort, either for the wealthy person, or for those that aspire to wealth. It seems that we focus on 'success' in all the wrong places. Rarely do we hear someone praise another for their emotional success. Is that because it is a rare thing indeed? Or because we do not value emotional success? Or both?