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Multiplayer Modes

There are multiplayer modes in Bullets and More:

Death Match

Choose a loadout in the starting room using the panel on the wall to the left of the teleporter. You can select any weapons and attachments. Once you spawn in, kill anything that moves

Team Death Match

Same weapon as selection as death match but with teams. Teammates are highlighted in green. There is no friendly fire. You can use the radio on your chest to switch to team chat, but tdm is rarely that serious

Classic Death Match

You start with a pistol that you can and should add a rail and red dot and maybe a canted rail and scope and silencer to. Other weapons are scattered throughout the level. When you will start again with just the pistol and any attachments you put on it.

Capture the Flag

Same as Team Deathmatch, but with flags to capture. Team chat is recommended

Virus Infection

Some players will start as infected and can immediately spawn in to the map and hide somewhere. The uninfected players have 30s to choose their loadout before they are automatically spawned in to the level. The infected can climb on any surface and can see where friends and enemies are through walls and win once everyone is infected. The uninfected have to fend them off, and win if they can hold out for 3 minutes with no one dying. Whenever someone dies, they respawn as a zombie.

Gun Game

You receive a new weapon every time you kill somebody (Free For All). The first player to get a kill with every weapon in the game is the winner.

The current order of weapons:

  1. MP5
  2. Vec
  3. SMG90
  4. MP 40
  5. PPSh-41
  6. Thompson M1A1
  7. AA12
  8. AK5C
  9. Mk. 18
  10. Famas
  11. FG42
  12. AKM
  13. AUG A3
  14. AS Val
  15. M16
  16. M1 Garand
  17. Super Nova
  18. Shot12
  19. MG36
  20. M249
  21. M60
  22. SMG11
  23. G18
  24. 1911
  25. G22
  26. M9
  27. Luger
  28. TT33
  29. Deagle
  30. Revolver
  31. PPK
  32. Longbow
  33. VSS
  34. CS5
  35. SMLE Mk. III
  36. K98
  37. L96
  38. RPG 7
  39. Flaregun
  40. Grenade
  41. Knife

BAM Royale

Battle Royale is a last man standing mode for Bullets and More. The objective is to kill all of the other opponents and remain the last person alive.

  • Parachute Drop

Upon launching into Battle Royale you will be descending towards the ground, having just jumped out of an airplane. Your starting position in the air is randomized and as you fall to the ground you can glide towards a preferred landing spot. Alternatively, you can pull your chute early and glide across the map extending your available landing range.
Note that your parachute can be reused any time you jump from a decent height.

  • Getting Weapons

Weapons, attachments, ammo and other items are randomly strewn across the map in spawn locations. Any weapon you pick up will have one clip in it, the rest you will have to find on the map.

  • Outrun the Wall

In addition to avoiding getting killed by other players, the ever-shrinking wall can sometimes be a larger threat.
When you first hit the ground the safe-zone for not getting damaged by The Wall is the entire map. As gameplay progresses the safe zone contracts and The Wall moves in towards the safe zone. If you are outside The Wall you start taking damage over time and you should run to the new safe zones as soon as you can before you die.
You can easily tell if you are inside or outside the wall by looking at the wall posts. If they are white you are outside the safe zone, and if they green you are inside the safe zone.
If you look on your controller-hud you can see the timer for when The Wall will start contracting towards the safe zone.