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BAM currently has 39 maps which can be played across 7 different game modes.
Any map can be played with the full 12 players.

Different maps support different modes. When a round ends, everyone in the room votes for the next game mode and then votes for a map that supports that game mode.

If a mode has more than 12 maps, you will get a random selection of 12 maps to choose from.

Map Number of Player Deathmatch Team Deathmatch Classic Deathmatch Capture the Flag Virus Infection Gun Game BAM Royale Vehicles
Abbotsford 4-8 X
Battle Brook 4-8 X X
Bridge Disaster 4-6 X X
Chud 6-12 X X X x X
Concrete Jungle 4-8 X X X x X
D2 6-10 X X
Day at the Pool 2-6 X X X
Desert 6-12 X X
Drop 2-6 X X
Facility 6-10 X
Factory 4-8 X X x X
Finding Sam 4-10 X X
Finding Sam Demons 4-10 X
Too Fort Big 6-12 X X X
Hangar 4-8 X X x X
Hatfields N Mccoys 6-10 X X X X
Highrise 6-10 X x
Industrial 6-10 X X x X
Killhouse 4-8 X X X
Nuke Town 4-8 X X
Office 6-10 X X x X
Planets 6-10 X X
Quarantine 6-10 X
Rats 6-10 X X X
Redox 4-8 X X X
Rust 4-8 X X X
Sandstorm 6-12 X X X x X
Shi Tpa Town 6-12 X X X
Shipment 2-6 X X X X X
Shipyard 2--6 X X X
Shipyard Demons 2-6 X
Silo 4-8 X X X
Space Chaos 4-6 X X x X
Station 6-10 X X x X
Subway 6-10 X
Vertigo 4-8 X X X x X
Watchtower 6-12 X X X X x X
Watchtower Night 6-12 x
Mr. Tokyo's Island X
Grand Theft* 8-12 X X X
Heli Test* X X
Heli Test CTF* X X
Desert Heli* 6-12 X X
Floating Island* 6-12 X X
Mountain Top* 4-6 X
*Map is under the "Experimental" category